Where to buy Fish in Kalyan & Thane

He will eat with taste …

Calling a branded shop of fresh fish in Kalyan would be amazing if the steps of eating like myself did not automatically change.

In the glittering shop that started in front of Mahendra Singh Kabulsingh School with the names ‘Fish4U’, all the traditional ideas of shoplifting … As soon as they enter, the glowing and fresh fish in the clear light captures the attention and becomes what it takes and not what it wants.

The size of popular fish pellets, suramai, halva is much larger than you would expect and relatively low. Importantly, these rates are lower than your regular fish market, without any hay.
Apart from this, some of the offbeat varieties like Ghoul, Rawas and Tuna are also available here. Bombil, Bangda, Mandeli are the same.

The unique feature of Fish4U is that it allows you to clean, cut and marinate the fish you have selected.
This taste also has a mouth watering variety such as red bark malvani, green spice reminiscent of genuine Goa, salty agari masala.

To my liking, I purchased a very large size move with the price of kg. Marinated in two different condiments: Green and Malvani, by the chef’s sister-in-law. The marinated fish were packed into an airtight container. To get the fried rice, etc., the flour mixture is packed. The accompanying promotional offer was given free of cost for fresh fresh bangle curry.

He was easy to talk to, not tempted to talk to the marinating chef. After dry slices of the fish they are not washed in lemon juice but the actual Konkani Kokam is washed in the fire and then initially put in turmeric, salt, then it is learned that the desired spice has been added to it. The key is to pack the fish with fried rice and specially prepared flour for frying.
That is, bring home un-fry …. Just crispy, crunchy, crisp fish fry ready …. tasting from afla … rubbing on the tongue.

The taste of the pudding I just bought is remarkable … Fry Fish in Green Spice Marination is reminiscent of the original Goan’s Martins Corner …..

The packing of marinated fish is so neat that it can be easily removed and refrigerated in the fridge of your home. And yes there is an option for home delivery.

Not surprising if this is a place for fishermen to visit again with refreshing, cleanliness, taste, prompt, courteous response from the shop staff / staff.